Alan and Friends - Episode 30 - The Apologies!

This week, I apologize to you listeners for missing last week, and give a couple reasons. We talk about creepy songs that we never noticed as a kid. We have random facts. Finally, I apologize to the OFTU guys for my sad attempt at starting a feud. I promise, no more mention of 40 mph winds after this episode. All in all, I thought this was a good funny show. Also, starting next week, we'll be returning to Monday release days. My moving to Wednesday was supposed to help my weekend, but I just found it made the rest of the week too busy.

Alan and Friends - Episode 16 - FLUFFY!

This time, James and I talk about other podcasts and how important listener support is. Trump's vaguely mentioned, I sound meaner than planned when shutting James down. We dance on the racism line because I forget how many people of all races that move around the US. We talk about our animals and some science/game stuff. Allow your demented side to come out. Its a nice walk in the park!

Alan & Friends - Episode 14 - Indeed!

This one is a week late, and almost a double-size. So, because of many lames excuses to follow, we're counting it as two weeks of podcasts. The lame excuses are that my internet crapped out during the Super Bowl and didn't come back on until late, and also I(Alan) fell asleep because I don't think that weekends should be used for sleeping. We should be back to regular with our next podcast.

This is a low energy podcast, and I we just kind of chat through quite a few different things that we enjoy, I think it's just a nice little conversation podcast while we're getting into our flow. We've got some funny stories and just random remarks. I know it doesn't sound exciting, but I actually enjoyed the listen through while editing. I might be biased. Anyway, enjoy it! Get to know us a bit better!