Alan & Friends - Episode 14 - Indeed!

This one is a week late, and almost a double-size. So, because of many lames excuses to follow, we're counting it as two weeks of podcasts. The lame excuses are that my internet crapped out during the Super Bowl and didn't come back on until late, and also I(Alan) fell asleep because I don't think that weekends should be used for sleeping. We should be back to regular with our next podcast.

This is a low energy podcast, and I we just kind of chat through quite a few different things that we enjoy, I think it's just a nice little conversation podcast while we're getting into our flow. We've got some funny stories and just random remarks. I know it doesn't sound exciting, but I actually enjoyed the listen through while editing. I might be biased. Anyway, enjoy it! Get to know us a bit better!

Alan & Friends - Episode 12 - The Accidental Commie

Yes, I really finally did another podcast! I have a bit of a surprise with it and it should breathe new life into this project. Also, I'll be adding the explicit tag because there will be some cussing from now on. Why? You'll see. This episode includes talking about hitting people with bats, good luck avoiding accidents, and I may accidentally have become a Commie without actually meaning to. For any people who get triggered, just remember, I'm American, I sometimes forget the bad things that are done because they aren't in my face. It's still mostly a light-hearted episode. Enjoy!

Election Time

Alan & Friends will be silent this week. I'm calling it my silent protest to this joke of an election. A protest of how broken the system has become. A protest to what we, as a nation, have allowed to pass within the Federal government. How we have allowed the election to come down between a incompetent traitor of the country and a race-hating misogynistic pig, I cannot even begin to understand. Not only that, but the worst fanatic of each of the nominees tote their names like they are some of god. Family member turning against family member because of complete ignorance and blind hate-filled faith that their piece of dog crap is better than the other. Adults telling children hateful tales of what one nominee will do if elected so that they can become today's new Hitler Youth and destroy property marked with the propaganda of the targeted nominee. Neither side is innocent. Clinton supporters throwing feces at Trump supporters about how horrible he is for being a womanizer while ignoring what Bill did. While ignoring the fact that Hillary freaks out on her guards and male assistants. Trump supporters flinging crap back about all of the dirty backroom deals that Clinton has done while ignoring anything Trump has done to become and stay a millionaire, by using the excuse that he's not a politician.

Walls. E-mails. Hate, hate and more hate!

Congratulations to all of you stalwart supporters of these hate-mongering asshats. You've made Putin look good and wise.

-Alan Selfridge

Alan and Friends - Fail?

Due to some issues, there won't be an episode out for this week, but I will try to make up for it with a bit of a double episode, next week. 

In my stead, don't forget to check out the OFTU guys when they release, tonight. And Dr. Zaius and Garry on The Zaius Report, This week's movies are The Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows(2000), 12 to the Moon(1960) and Deadly Embrace(1989). These guys really know their behind the scenes stuff, give them a try.


Again, I apologize, and I hope to make it up to all of you.

Alan and Friends - Episode 5

I'm working on a name change that is much more drunk friendly, as I couldn't find anyone else with this title, I'm using it. If you're already subscribed it should still come right on through without a problem, it will not interrupt your subscription, it just makes the Podcast and easier search, and easier for the drunks to pronounce. ;-P

This weeks episode starts with a great interview with OFTU Podcast member Clif Wilson and then tumbles on down a rabbit hole where I just let loose for awhile. I will tag this as explicit for subject matter, and I actually use some curse words. I tried to make Clif cuss more, but he was trying to be all polite to my show. *LOL* 

Don't forget to also check out The Zaius Report on Itunes and YouTube and give them some love. I've listened to a couple episodes and quite enjoy them.

Alan and His (Mostly Imaginary) Friends

Today, I did an example interview with myself, so I played with the pitch and made it sound like a Red vs. Blue character was interviewing me. Then, I talked about Mark Sanchez, Broncos, Cowboys, Saint Theresa, Gene Wilder and Steve Irwin. Finally, I ask you to go on an imaginary journey with me.


Just for giggles, this Podcast is a friend of OFTU, could you check them out, they are Australians that like to talk about Cult movies, and their guest appearances on OFTU have always been cool.The Zaius Report


Alan and His (Mostly Imaginary) Friends - Episode 2

This week I start off by kissing rear to the guys over at They are being kind enough to throw me a bone and give me a shout-out on their podcast, and I'm doing my best to return the favor. GO check them out, they're much funnier than me.

After that I ramble on about a few different articles like: War on Robocalls, Zendaya in the new Spiderman movie, Space Station Docking Adapter, a 70-yr-old rower, 2 Dogs 1 Car, 1 car 0 Drivers, Star Trek: Discovery and then the next season of Flash and what Flashpoint was in the comics. Finally, I kiss OFTU rear some more and do some begging. All in all, I think you'll enjoy this episode. Thank you for listening!

Alan and His (Mostly Imaginary) Friends - Episode 1

Hello, ladies and gentleman! I finally got off my duff and made the new podcast. Sadly, it's not that exciting and I obviously waited too long to get back into it. Please forgive it, and we'll call it the bookmark episode. I whine about Overwatch players, I give a lame review of No Man's Sky and then I talk about videos, and make fun of poor people that just want to date like-minded individuals.

I'll try harder. I'm going to also start opening up a Skype just for someone to call in on the recording days and do an interview with them. We always hear interviews with famous people, what about the norms like us?