Election Time

Alan & Friends will be silent this week. I'm calling it my silent protest to this joke of an election. A protest of how broken the system has become. A protest to what we, as a nation, have allowed to pass within the Federal government. How we have allowed the election to come down between a incompetent traitor of the country and a race-hating misogynistic pig, I cannot even begin to understand. Not only that, but the worst fanatic of each of the nominees tote their names like they are some of god. Family member turning against family member because of complete ignorance and blind hate-filled faith that their piece of dog crap is better than the other. Adults telling children hateful tales of what one nominee will do if elected so that they can become today's new Hitler Youth and destroy property marked with the propaganda of the targeted nominee. Neither side is innocent. Clinton supporters throwing feces at Trump supporters about how horrible he is for being a womanizer while ignoring what Bill did. While ignoring the fact that Hillary freaks out on her guards and male assistants. Trump supporters flinging crap back about all of the dirty backroom deals that Clinton has done while ignoring anything Trump has done to become and stay a millionaire, by using the excuse that he's not a politician.

Walls. E-mails. Hate, hate and more hate!

Congratulations to all of you stalwart supporters of these hate-mongering asshats. You've made Putin look good and wise.

-Alan Selfridge