Alan and His (Mostly Imaginary) Friends - Episode 2

This week I start off by kissing rear to the guys over at They are being kind enough to throw me a bone and give me a shout-out on their podcast, and I'm doing my best to return the favor. GO check them out, they're much funnier than me.

After that I ramble on about a few different articles like: War on Robocalls, Zendaya in the new Spiderman movie, Space Station Docking Adapter, a 70-yr-old rower, 2 Dogs 1 Car, 1 car 0 Drivers, Star Trek: Discovery and then the next season of Flash and what Flashpoint was in the comics. Finally, I kiss OFTU rear some more and do some begging. All in all, I think you'll enjoy this episode. Thank you for listening!