Alan and Friends - Episode 5

I'm working on a name change that is much more drunk friendly, as I couldn't find anyone else with this title, I'm using it. If you're already subscribed it should still come right on through without a problem, it will not interrupt your subscription, it just makes the Podcast and easier search, and easier for the drunks to pronounce. ;-P

This weeks episode starts with a great interview with OFTU Podcast member Clif Wilson and then tumbles on down a rabbit hole where I just let loose for awhile. I will tag this as explicit for subject matter, and I actually use some curse words. I tried to make Clif cuss more, but he was trying to be all polite to my show. *LOL* 

Don't forget to also check out The Zaius Report on Itunes and YouTube and give them some love. I've listened to a couple episodes and quite enjoy them.